Front Office Staff


We are the Front Office Staff, and we specialize in helping you with:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Checking you in when you arrive for a visit
  • Verifying your insurance coverage
  • Processing all medical & personal information forms for your chart
  • Providing check-out services
  • Scheduling follow-up care
  • Collecting insurance co-payments at check-in and payment of balances that are due at check-out
  • Printing receipts for payments that you make
  • Answering basic billing questions and putting you in touch with the expert billers if needed

Nursing Staff

(Dr Block)
(Dr Nation)
Michelle G.
Michelle G.
(Dr Chase)
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
(Dr Smolen)

We are the Nursing Staff; as Medical Assistants, we specialize in helping you with:

  • Bringing you back to the doctors for your appointment
  • Checking your vital signs, like weight & blood pressure
  • Confirming all your concerns that you would like to address with the doctor
  • Assisting doctors with exams
  • Performing in-office lab tests
  • Answering phone calls regarding medical issues like referral requests, test result requests, and medication questions.
  • Processing insurance referrals for care that your physician has requested
  • Calling you back with test results, instructions from your doctor, or answers to your questions as per instructions provided by your doctor
  • Calling you back to confirm when your requests for prescription refills, referrals, or other physician paperwork has been completed

Care Management Coordinator


I am the care management coordinator, and I assist with:

  • Providing chronic care management reminders and assistance
  • Filling in for other nurses when necessary
  • Assisting the front office staff when necessary



I am the office Phlebotomist, and I specialize in helping you with:

  • Drawing blood for tests ordered by the doctors
  • Running basic in-office tests on urine specimens
  • Preparing and processing blood & urine specimens to be picked up by the lab facility that your health plan utilizes

Medical Records Specialist


I am the Medical Records Specialist, and I specialize in helping you with:

  • Sending copies of your records to other parties when we receive a request signed by you (for insurance policy applications, disablility applications, automobile accident legal cases, etc)
  • Adding copies of past medical records from other medical providers to your chart in our office
  • Scanning incoming physician consultation reports from specialists and reports from other medical providers into patient charts
  • Providing copies of patient records to other medical offices when patients move away or need to transfer their care elsewhere



I am the Billing Specialist, and I specialize in helping you with:

  • Answering your billing and insurance coverage questions
  • Explaining all the details about bills generated by our office
  • Billing for our services to your insurance company or to the person responsible for your bills
  • Processing payments from you or your insurance toward your account balance
  • Providing you or your insurance with requested or necessary paperwork & office reports to help resolve unpaid claim issues
  • Helping to set up payment arrangements or payment plans as needed
  • Correcting any billing errors generated by our office

Office Manager

Theodora Castor
Theodora Castor

I am the Office Manager, and I specialize in helping you with:

  • Overseeing our office facility and all our personnel to insure that you receive a pleasant, satisfactory, and high quality healthcare experience
  • Assisting with any problems that you feel our staff has not adequately resolved
  • Working with the representatives of your healthcare plan or the lab facilities in order to assist in any coverage or cost issues
  • Notarizing Documents