Patient Portal

Go to the Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal enables patients to access their files 24/7 and communicate with us through a secure, encrypted on-line connection. If you have not yet been “web-enabled”, then please ask our staff to update your account. They’ll provide you with a temporary password. There is no cost to our patients for using the Patient Portal.

If you’ve already signed up for the Patient Portal, you can access it here.

Also, there is a Patient Portal App for smart phones & tablets called HEALOW (short for Health and Online Wellness) that is ready and available to use for all of our patients. HEALOW makes using the Patient Portal faster, simpler, and more convenient.  And, you can create a PIN to log in quickly and easily.  Just go to your usual App Store to download the “HEALOW” App for Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. After installing HEALOW, search for our practice using our unique code: HFAAAA, and then enter this code to link our practice to your Healow app (or you can search using your physician’s name).  Begin today to take an active role in managing your health care. 

Here are some of the things you can do through the Patient Portal:

  • Review your current medications.
  • Request non-urgent refills.

  • Send a non-urgent message or question to the nurse or physician.
  • Schedule new appointments.
  • View or request to cancel or reschedule upcoming appointments.

  • View your latest lab results.

  • View a summary of recent office visits.
  • View your health records, including allergies, vitals, immunization history, and more.

  • View latest billing statements.

  • View latest referals.