TeleVisit Instructions for Laptops

Shortly before your televisit, you should receive an email reminding you of your televisit appointment.  The email will look like this:

1.  15 minutes before your TeleVisit, open the email reminder and click on the orange button that says:  Join this Telemed Appointment directly.

2.  You’ll be prompted for your vitals, such as height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, and more. Enter the information you know.  You can leave blank any information you don’t have.

3. Click the Join TeleVisit button.

Your laptop will check to make sure that the camera and microphone are working properly.  You’ll see a test that looks like this:

When you see all green checkmarks on the right-hand side, click the Proceed button to continue.  (If you see any red X’s, there’s a problem you need to fix.  If you need help, call the office.)

4. When you are ready to start your visit, click the Start TeleVisit button.

Your laptop will display a screen that shows that you are waiting for the physician to arrive.  When your physician is ready to join the visit, the visit will begin automatically. When done, click the red phone icon at the bottom of the screen to end the visit.